My Generation

When I think about my generation of gifted friends, we had this ongoing in joke. “I’m going to get world domination.” “No, I am, because it’s my plan.” We totally jockeyed for position and went off and did what we could to find some piece of it. So I think I just went off to find the opposite plan, which is this. If you read it properly no bad things happen. But you have to be compassionate, or you can take really bad directions. And it’s not really in any order, and some of it is just fiction but I thought the stories were interesting. It’s a boy story, which is why it is so awful, but girls are in it too. And they’re pretty interesting. But I don’t want the boy story to overwhelm everyone else’s story. Anyway, I hope the friggin girls start talking on this thing, because they are so amazing. I love women. And everyone else.

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