Positive Thinking

Well now someone close to me can make earthquakes happen, crap! I told him, think of nice things. He didn’t think it would work, so I asked him to think of nice things for other people, because he has a hard time thinking of them for himself. He says it doesn’t work if he asks for nice things for himself. I told him to get a guitar, but he’s so sad. Fucking hell. I hope he wakes up soon, he’s starting to because he’s remembering things. And they are happy things.

Did you ever see that film Saturday the 14th? It was so bizarre, and there was this great part in the middle of the night where the teenage boy would come downstairs and his whole family would be patting a lump of chocolate pudding and talking weird shit. And a portal to hell opened in the basement. It was a musical. Such weird movies! Anyway, yeah, think of something opposite to what I just said, shit!

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