My Gender Now

You’ve probably watched me switch genders and sexualities a few times in this blog, which is fine because that’s what happens. Right now, I am still a guy, because for some reason that’s just a form I fit into really well. I can’t pass as a girl. But I still find girls so cool. They know the fine art of being covert, in a way that guys have still never comprehended. I mean, “gossip?” Do you really think they just talk about shoes?

Sometimes they do start talking only about shoes and that’s when I get nervous, because they’re not saying what’s really bothering them, they switch into the happy land and for some reason that comes out all “Shoes. Let’s get shoes.” And you know what I am hearing, from what I know of girls, is “I am so buying some boots right now to fuck you over with.” I mean, most of the time they won’t, most of the time they really do get nice shoes. But there’s always that subtextual thing going on that you have to look out for, because girls talk in codes! They talk in slang and in jokes to get their point across, and it becomes legendary. I’ve seen Bowman in jokes make it to the world. I mean, it can start anywhere. And then people who pick it up have other ideas they attach to it. The internet is a computerized version of real things that happen.

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