I’ve been pretty much packing since I decided to be Sarain again, or finally, or whatever. I have to say, it’s really weird! People are starting to look at my crotch. I got totally cruised by some suburban guy the other day. Fuck guys are horny buggers! Ah, not all. But you can so tell now, oh my god! I’ve never gotten the eye contact, basket gaze, eye contact thing before. Holy crap you guys!

I walk different, which is weird, I walk more the way I used to walk, which is nice. But it’s such a boy walk. I walk like I’m carrying heavy armaments, and really I’m just buying a carton of milk. It’s weird! I’m trying to remember the girl side and not get caught up in privilege, but it is so different. I’ve never fit my gender presentation before, not like this. It’s like living in a different world. I’m starting to try to dress more like a boy, I don’t know how to explain that since I’m a funny guy. I don’t have many girly clothes to begin with anyway, so it’s not like I have to get a new wardrobe.

I’m learning how to make eye contact, which is interesting. I never did that before. I’m learning a lot of things about walking in the world as a guy. But I’m still trying to be a decent guy. Fuck, the privilege thing is weird. I know I have to be confident to pass, but it’s hard when I know what it’s like to live full time as a female and be treated so differently.

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