Damn! I thought I could take a break, but here’s some more info. I was talking to my friend Paul Lang who was literally an HIV poster boy. He’s been doing phenomenal work for years on HIV education and prevention. He recently teamed up with the folks who did the viral marketing for the wildly successful The Corporation. They have some websites for HIV education aimed at youth. He will be writing some stuff here and hopefully we’ll be linked up for that.

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I should also mention my lovely friend Robin Williamson, who has been working steadily with the bisexual community of Montreal to do HIV prevention work with Polyvalence. This is their site. Oh yes, and I should mention they don’t actually use the bisexual word, because some people who have sex with both genders don’t identify as such.


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  1. Yeah, I always struggle to find the word that describes my position in the spectrum, too. Bisexual inferes that there are actually two genders, which is a prob. But poly doesn’t quite sound right, either, but I guess it’s better.

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