It’s late, I’ve had a very very very long day. I am currently overhauling an old G4 for Luke, he’s moving on his own and is going to make music on his computer. So that’s what’s up. I could really just go to bed, because the installation of Tiger is going to take a couple hours anyway. Tomorrow I install his music programs and then he has a new computer, lucky boy. He’s doing really well, he feels loved and that’s a good thing. Steven is still Steven. I will probably be Luke’s tech support, which is fun. I’m hoping to get him a soundcard, and if he gets a guitar then hopefully I can show him how to record it straight onto his computer.

Some of my “friends” still cling to me being crazy. I’m not sure why that is, it’s kind of sick. But I don’t care, I think they’re just being transphobic, and that does suck. But honestly, most of the people I really care about understand and love me, and that is all that matters. And my cousins are starting to do better, all of them, although I can REALLY feel the age difference now. At one point when I had my breakthrough I was writing to my best friend/cutie and I was talking like a fifteen year old boy to her. It was funny, I was hanging out of a tree upside down talking to her. But she’s not letting me go back to being a teenager, which is good, because those days are so over. Either way, I should get some sleep because tomorrow is a busy day.

I’m still surprised at how many people call me just to talk about themselves. I have issues too ya know! Jokes.

Oh yay, Deanna is coming over, now I won’t be alone.

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