IT people are the Priests of Our Generation

Sarain: Busy fixing birdhouse, will report later.
Thirza: Gone.

Will respond to name Thirza with irritation but no meaningful statements.

Finished scavenger hunt successfully.

Class of 2007 Status Report: 144 000 understand true meaning of love.
Others went to desert and stuck cigarettes up their nose while following class bully. Last seen in company of fire breathing dragons. Wedding Party successfully defended from all negativity. Speaking in code, indecipherable. Remembering things. Last interesting concept was Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now.” Made me remember this song:

Will report back at sundown. Have a happy Easter Sunday. I love you R.

Private tutoring available after Labour Day, $100 per hour, rates non-negotiable. Works only with professional actors, please send 10 minute demo reel and 10 page description of areas which need improvement. Will post address at future date. Interviews via telephone. $200 application fee.

Spiritual Guidance at Church of the Exiles, starting April 15, 2007, Albert Community Centre @ 8pm. For more info please see:

Church of the Exiles

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