Life Outside the Panopticon

So as you can imagine, life’s been pretty bizarre, starting with the dreaded Lamictal Rash which got me to stop taking my meds. Nothing is more terrifying than the threat of permanent disfigurement, but it still made everyone mad when I went manic. But you know what? Fuck you. YOU”RE NOT THE ONE WHO HAS TO LIVE WITH SCAR TISSUE> THAT BEING SAID i don’t have any scars from it.

So yeah man, fuck you.

But where was I? Oh yeah, well I had one shrink who was convinced I was schizophrenic because I talked about having an international art career. I can’t help it if I’ve lead an interesting life. I’ve never lied about anything related to my career. Nina HAGEN REALLY DOES MAKE THE MOST SENSE RIGHT NOW> because I FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO TALK ABOUT MY FIRST EPISODE OF PSYCHOSIS>

look at these two images and tell me you don’t see a filmic link:

That is my first psychotic episode in a nutshell really, and I finally figured out how to depict it. And then I re-read my screenplay and it fits perfectly! OMG!!! Synchronicity!!!!!

And that’s how I knew I was finally making sense in the business way.

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