Trying not to be a bad manlady.

I had the worst spring EVER this year, and I think most of it was around coming out as male. I kind of ran through all the worst characteristics a guy could have in manic record time and then felt like a dickhead. Ugh. I so don’t want to have to go through this coming out process again. There are two books about transmen at the library and then that is it. Maybe I should find some tranny site for new books to read. I know Little Sisters has some transsexual erotica, that would be nice to have.

Being in a “ladies” care home is kind of bizarre too, because obviously I’m closeted there, but At Least it is only until September. Then I’m in a place of my own again.

I’m still so embarrassed I was a bad manlady this spring, so fucking terrible!!!! I don’t want to be a bad manlady ever again!!!

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