crazy sucks

It sucks going crazy. I think one of the nicer things about bipolar disorder is that it doesn’t make one crazy forever. In fact there are LONG stretches of sanity that extend for years even. But going crazy, fuck it sucks. I hate it. I especially hate the dreary energy loss I have right now. want to just go straight back to bed, but instead I am having a coffee and trying to go on with the day.

Last night I spent 55 minutes standing in line for the new Harry Potter book, which I have and assumed I would speed read. Instead I am slowly perusing it and writing here.

It’s nice to be blogging again though. I missed that. I also missed writing, it’s been nice to be writing my screenplay again. And now I’m writing another one!!! It starts with a party in a country house, when a piercing scream shatters the marijuana riddled peace of some rural kids
. . .

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