Grad Skool, Residencies

It’s been hard recovering, but it’s been harder to try and put some meaning on my life. Feeling that life is meaningless leads to depression, and suicidal thoughts. I know I have potential, but I don’t feel like I have been living up to it.

Of course I’ve also applied for two grants, but I haven’t heard back if I have gotten them or not yet.

Anyway, I needed to give myself some new goals. So now, besides applying to CFC’s Directors Lab, I’m also applying to UBC and York to do my MFA. And I’ve decided that I have to apply for two residencies as well, one in Canada and one abroad, or in the US. SO THAT”S MY NEW GOAL1

Goals are important to have I think. I’m generally unhappy with my current lot in life, I have no girlfriend, I’m bummed out. I need a change. My life needs something drastically different. So grad school, residencies, yeah, that’s about right.

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