I don’t like the drugs but the drugs like me

I’ve come to an uneasy truce with my psych meds. By now I know for sure I need them, and five years after my diagnosis of bipolar I have finally been prescribed a med cocktail that works so well I can’t even do mushrooms. I can’t do mushrooms because the drugs are so powerful that I don’t feel any effects at all so I don’t trip. Pot DOES still work though, and for that I am grateful. Because I like pot.

But I’m pretty happy with my med regime now. I take morning and bedtime pills, and it has made me ridiculously stable. I find it really hard to cry though, I shouldn’t say that, now something will happen that will make me cry.

I don’t like the drugs, but they do like me, and they work. So I guess in a grumpy kind of way I feel an affection for them. They’ve pulled me out of yet another psychosis and have kept me stable as heck. I’m not even having sleep problems, like I used to have quite badly. I hate sleep problems.

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