I’m going to church tomorrow, but I’m not particularly Christian. I thought I was Buddhist, but I really only like Buddhism in a philosophical sense. I’m actually really religionless. I used to have hopes when I was a teen that I would find a good religion. I tried Wicca, briefly, that was kind of interesting, but I don’t think I understood the whole principles behind it. At this point in my life, I believe in a deity or multiple deities, but I don’t follow any particular religion. I’ve looked up Judaism, I’ve looked into Islam, but neither of those interested me.

I kind of don’t think there IS a religion I feel particularly embraced by. At this point I’m making it up as I go along. Gnostic Christianity fascinates me. But I can find beauty in nearly every religion. I find sex to be intensely spiritual, but that’s hard to parlay into a religion.

I really do think sex is sacred. At this point in my life I’ve been with enough people to see that it is a sacred act, which is why one night stands are so terrible. I mean the sex is terrible! There’s a certain spark that just isn’t there in those occassions.

I’ve sworn off one night stands.

Anyway, there’s my semi-Easter sermon on faith. Which is really, I have some, but nothing in particular, and I’m sure a lot of people are with me on that one. I think there should be an anarchist religion that just embraces a higher power, without having to do anything.

I’ve signed up for a series of meditation workshops with the amazing medium Barb Powell. It’s 15 bucks a session, which is pretty decent, and we get tapes and homework. Meditation is good, whether you are spiritual or not, and I think especially for bipolar people. It’s a great stabilizing force. I far prefer meditation over prayer, it opens the creative portals and helps one grasp esoteric concepts of spirituality. Anyway, I’m going on Monday, so I will report on how it goes.

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