Scales of Blood: My Dragon Tattoo

My arm is currently really really sore, but I just smoked a joint so maybe that will take the soreness away. I went in and got most of the work done on my dragon tattoo. Now we’re just working on the colouring, which looks really cool. But holy hell, the line work on it was so onerous. Just scale after scale oozing blood. I managed 3 and a half hours before I gave up. I was like, wincing the last five minutes or so. It’s so fucking intense. Being tattooed. Then we had to do touch ups on two other tattoos. Oh man, it hurt! I felt like a baby.

Oh man, but when I came home I laughed so hard because the front guy for Nickelback sucked himself off in exchange for a case of beer when he was 14. What a gooney reason! I hope it tasted decent. The beer I mean.

Last night I ordered a pizza and 2 litres of Pepsi and they sent it in this big fountain drink containers. How useless is that?

What do you call an Indian without lips? Pointless.

OMG, someone on Skype, back when I was having those troubles, asked me if I was a “red Indian.” I’m actually more like a taupe colour, or light pink. Not red or brown even.

It’s a really nice piece of art. It’s got stripes like a snake, a corn snake. The dragon I mean. Not Skype, or even the frontmans penis.

I will take a photo of it when the bandage comes off tomorrow.

I used to really admire people with tats because it was such a commitment. This is the most visible tattoo I have, well, the one on my neck is pretty visible too. When I was growing up I never imagined I’d get as into body mods as I am. I think body mods are sexy, unbelievably so, because it’s all about owning your own body.

I’m finally getting used to my newest piercing, my labret. I’ve played with the damn thing all the time, and it’s still healing normally.

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