Hurts so good I gotta Soregasm

Cause the tent’s so big in your pants baby . . .

I love Peaches. She rocks out! Tonight is my meditation circle with Barb Powell. I’m pretty stoked about it. I’m going to learn about using tools to meditate with. It should be enlightening.

I like doing things to contribute to my personal growth. And I think meditation is very good for bipolar people. I know, none of this has any relation to the Peaches video. You’re disappointed, I can tell.

Once I did this amazing candle meditation where my empathy expanded to include creatures all around the world. And I could feel myself as a whale swimming in the ocean, and then an ant walking along the edge of a leaf. When I went really manic there was one point when my empathy expanded again to include all kinds of animals, and I had a really hard time eating meat.

Actually I’m having a hard time eating meat sometimes. It’s been difficult. I don’t know what that’s about. I like meat, I just don’t know, if I had to kill it myself I might not be able to.

I read recently about a man in Austria who kept his daughter locked in the basement for over 20 years and fathered seven of her children. Pretty horrid! How can something like that happen? Some people. I wonder what his sentence will be. And three of them never saw the light of day. Ugh!

My dog had a bad night, poor baby. I came home later than I’d hoped, and he was all excited to see me, jumping up and whinging away, and then about half an hour later he started throwing up, and didn’t stop for an hour. and he started crying too, poor little guy. Anyway, he’s MUCH better this morning and we went for our little walk and stuff. But now there’s still puddles of dog puke I have to clean up. He puked so much eventually he was just puking foam. Poor dude. Thats a gross story for you.

I like living in this coop, and I’m starting to get used to taking the long bus. It’s actually only about half an hour to get downtown, which isn’t bad.

My cuz who had the manic episode is Captain Sleepypants. She crashed at my party around nine thirty and slept until noon the next day. When I went to visit her she was also very sleepy. I guess it’s a combination of recovering from mania and getting used to the medication. Which reminds me, I have to pick up my meds today.

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