Creative work in the community

Yours truly may be hosting a show on CFCR starting sometime in the not too distant future. Rainbow Radio is looking for hosts, and I’m itching to do something in the community. It’s a GLBT show every Sunday night. I used to volunteer at a show called Women Visions in Vancouver at their co-op radio station. I’ve been wanting to do something at CFCR for a while now, and so this is right up my alley. And I really like working the switches and stuff at radio stations. That’s super fun. I love techy stuff of all nature, because I’m a geek.

I’m also thinking of doing volunteer work for Pride, and maybe finding a group of like minded people to run play parties, AND I still want to start up a film festival. And there was something else I was thinking of doing. I’m a busy tomboy. I still want to volunteer at Hantleman. Someone told me not to, but I liked spending time with the volunteer I saw. And I know crazy people inside and out. I’ve been around enough of them, that’s for sure, in all states of craziness.

I’m feeling pretty good these days, surprisingly. I guess my life is going better than I’d hoped. I still want to make my feature though. I did network with a producer on Facebook, I’m thinking of asking her advice on where I go next with my screenplay, as in who’s looking to produce a feature.

Networking’s the most important part of being a filmmaker, but sometimes I’m just so damned shy about it. I don’t put myself out there as much as some filmmakers. I don’t self promote as much as I should. It’s a problem. Which is why maybe getting out in the community will be good for me.

Oh, I’m also going to try to start writing for the local alternative biweekly Planet S. I’ve been wanting to write for them for a while now, and I think it would be a lot of fun. So eee!

Hey, apparently my work is now showing at the National Gallery in Ottawa. Pretty cool hey?

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