It’s only a couple days until I head off to Scotland, and I’m excited as all hell. The days are going to be busy! Oh man, and I had a weird night last night. Some thuggy dude called my friend a faggot, and then another guy yelled at us and chased us. We were smoking up the last time, so our only option was to run like the wind! LOL.

I’m so having trouble with my sleeping, I keep sleeping in. I know I won’t on vacation, but still it’s a concern, especially with work coming up soon. I need to be able to get up on time.

I’m sleeping through a buzzing alarm too, it’s not pleasant but somehow I can do it. Ugh!

I have to do something about this.

I used to wish I was called a sexpert. I used to want to be a sexpert. I think I still do, which is kind of funny. I thought I would have grown out of those day dreams.


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