Short note!

Here in Scotland the sun has finally decided to peek through the clouds. I don’t have much time to write here, suffice it to say that I am doing well with my mum here and we’ve learned some interesting things about our past. We’re in Wick right now staying just around the corner from my great grandma’s house. We found the butcher shop where my great grandad used to work too. It is no longer a butcher shop. Now it’s the Volunteer centre.

Well, that’s about all the stuff I can write in my allotted time! Curse the slow library computer! I am coming out to the Lower Mainland in September, so I’m excited to see my friends. I’ve quit smoking for about 16 days now. And it’s going good! I’m repulsed by noncanadian cigs at the best of times, so this is a good experience. Til later!

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