Higgs Boson and my Rugby Shirt

Hey, did you hear about the particle accelerator currently looking for the Higgs Boson particle? They did the first collision successfully today, and it’s going to be running for the next fifteen years or so while they fiddle with all kinds of things. People are scared it will somehow rip the universe apart. Or blow up earth.

Google has a pretty cute icon of the particle accelerator on it’s page.

I love Google. It’s pretty much my only search engine, which could be goofy, I know.

I’m back from my interview and wearing my Scottish Rugby Shirt, which makes me happy. It’s REALLY nice. And now appropriate for work since I may possibly be doing light industrial temp work. It would be different, and it pays better than what I was doing. I’m going to have to get some stamina. Maybe it will be good we walked so much in Scotland, because I’m in much better shape, although still quite chubby. I ate and drank more in Scotland. I usually don’t eat so much. Or maybe I do and it’s mostly snacks. I definitely don’t usually drink so much, yesterday I went for a pint and it was just that, one pint.

I’m still on my no smoking thing. I haven’t had a smoke, not even when I’ve been tempted. In the UK smokes have Smoking Kills written right on them, and it really freaked me out so of course I didn’t want to buy smokes there. And here there is the Bloody Brain, the Broken Heart, and the Cancerous Lungs. Ugh to that!

Either way, I need to get in better shape.

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