Swimming in footage

I’m listening to this song these days:

I’m absolutely swimming in video footage. I don’t know where to start! It’s crazy, absolutely crazy. I ordinarily love editing, but yeah, it’s pretty common for me to sit down and feel lost. It’s such a crazy process, making videos and films. What I should really be doing is making more sequences with the various pieces that I will eventually put together.

I finally got it together to put the rhino video on my facebook. So there it is! I will eventually put it on Youtube I hope.

I am crazy. I’ve realized I talk to myself an awful lot, not so much in public, but I just mutter to myself throughout the day. Is that normal? I don’t know.

My quitting smoking is still going well. I’m starting to not think about it at all! It’s definitely an improvement. I’m about to go off Step 2 for Step 3. And then I’m done! So exciting!

Hey, this is my video!

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