I’m done writing my grant! Now I just have to wait for my mum to come pick me up so I can buy five blank videotapes. I have to get my support material together, and it’s going to take me too long to get it together to burn 5 dvds. Tomorrow I’m off to Vancouver for an interview with Storytellers In Motion. I’m pretty stoked about it. I haven’t been to Vancouver in two years, not that I will be there for very long. I’m back home on Wednesday night.

I really hope I get this grant. I am just going from grant to grant these days, which I guess is the life of an artist. But I won’t be able to apply for another Canada Council grant until I am done this video. I’m excited about this grant though, it really seems like it would be fun to work on. Well, all my videos are fun to work on. It’s just something I like doing.

I think I will still always make short videos without grants though, as long as I have access to the equipment. It’s good for me to be able to make something without relying on the green light. It means I can experiment with ideas.

I’m excited about going to Vancouver. I also applied for a travel grant to go to Toronto, but I haven’t heard back about it yet. I imagine by the time I get back from Vancouver I will know.

I have to remember to bring photos of myself as a child to this thing. Right.

It’s kind of funny that most of my videos are still in analogue form. I should really update. My goal is to make a complete DVD of all my works. At 14 videos over a period of 13 years, it’s kind of a lot to handle.

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