Sore tummy, too much coffee!

God do I ever need a haircut, I’m getting a mullet and I don’t like it. Someone once told me to embrace the mullet as a symbol of being lower class, but I never hung around with mullet wearers and I was raised X class.

X Class is what bell hooks calls people who work with art and so on and are cultured but don’t necessarily have much money. At least, that’s what I remember from my teen years as an avid reader of bell hooks.

I’m still poor today, no cheques have come in the mail. My mum is taking me out for tom yum soup today, which I’m looking forward to.

I just spent two hours looking at people’s shitty tattoos on Facebook. They were pretty funny. Some of them were executed well but unfortunate nonetheless. And I saw a lot of misspelled kanji. Based on what I’ve heard about kanji tattoos, people really shouldn’t get them unless they can read it. The meanings can be VERY different from what you expect.

The temping thing is not paying off right now, I’ve had no work all week and it looks dubious for the future. So I’m looking for work AGAIN. There’s a dishwashing job at the university which would pay me a little under $1500 a month, which is a far better wage than the call centre. And it would be steady work. I’m determined not to go to the call centre again, I don’t want to still be working in them when I’m fifty, and there are a lot of fifty year old callers! Anyway, something will come up. I don’t want a career, I just want something that can pay the bills. Although I still think I should be getting editing jobs and I’m not.

Le sigh.. Oh well, maybe when I’m forty I’ll have a masters degree and teach somewhere like the rest of my family.

But I really just want to be a full time artist.

I have to write a script for my Mars Recruitment Video. I could be doing that. I could be editing my film. But instead I looked at Lesbian Hair for a while. Lesbians do have cool hair. But it’s very difficult to get a proper boy’s cut in a salon, because hairdressers are always trying to make sure people gender conform. Well, I’m sure some of them have an awareness of gender non-conformity, but not many and definitely not in Saskatoon. You have no idea how hard it can be to get them to use the number two shaver.

The trials and tribulations of being a butch.

Butches can have a very hard time finding employment simply because of the way we present our gender. It’s a rotten deal. There should be employment equity for butches! It should be on employment equity forms, are you butch? Do you have butch hair?

I dunno, But being upset about the lack of jobs for butch women isn’t going to get me a job either. Unless I could start up a non-profit dedicated to butch visibility. But I think Harper would cut the funding on that.

3 thoughts on “Sore tummy, too much coffee!

  1. Hey there — just stumbled upon your blog…

    You and me both with regard to the filmmaking full-time…

    I’m in school to teach so that at least I’ll have all that time off to work on my films.

    Here’s to hoping.

    Can’t wait to see your work!

    I’ll be back. 🙂

  2. I hear you on the hair thing. Would it be too queer to (mis)quote a show tune here? “Once you find him (you know, the hairdresser who’ll buzz your hair with a number 2 clipper without complaint), never let him go!” I’ve had a couple in my life. My first was a straight dude with a giant platinum mohawk who owned a salon that catered to punk types; he’d do literally whatever to my hair. My second was a gay dude who understood after a couple of haircuts that, seriously, it wasn’t possible for him to cut my hair too short. But I’ve been a self-buzzer—no guard, 0 blade—off and on throughout my life, and I’m currently in one of those phases, and you really can’t beat the price. I highly recommend it, though it doesn’t make job hunting any easier.

    Anyway, really pleased to have found your blog, as a fellow traveler on both the queer and bipolar paths. I look forward to doing a little backreading. (If you happen to visit my blog, be forewarned that I haven’t updated in months; I had a bit of a manic snap and have had some trouble getting back to writing since, but I have two or three or eight half-written blog entries that I might be able to make sense out of someday and I hope to get back to posting very soon.)

    Nice to meet you!

  3. Hey thanks for your comments. It’s cool to meet another bipolar queer virtually. My manic period wrecked my last blog when I lost my password (I got paranoid and kept changing it and forgot! Not only that, I changed my security question to something I don’t know the answer to!).

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