Sleepless in Saskatoon

For whatever reason I didn’t reorder my meds, thinking I still had about a week left of them. Now either I lost a week of medication or I ate them all. Anyway, I missed two days of night meds in a row, and while I did manage to sleep the first night, by the second night I was totally sleepless in Saskatoon, rolling around in bed in total darkness occasionally snuggling the dog just for something to do. It was awful. All day I’ve felt slightly ill, the kind of ill that comes from lack of sleep. Just cruddy and awful.

So, since it was a thanksgiving weekend, and with my normal pharmacy closed, I had to get pills from somewhere else. And bipolar medications aren’t sold on the street, that’s for sure. Lucky for me my psychiatrist had given me a new prescription that I hadn’t taken down to the pharmacy yet. So we got it filled at Safeway pharmacy today and I’m so relieved to have my lovely little pills again. I was worried I’d really go off track with this not being able to sleep issue.

I’m taking Seroquel, which helps you sleep aside from being an antipsychotic, and without it I just can’t sleep easily at all. So it’s pretty necessary, especially since before I had a prescription for it I often suffered from sleep disturbances like insomnia.

Insomnia is fun when you’re manic (because it just keeps getting you higher and higher, which is also bad!), but brutal as all hell when you’re depressed. You start thinking about all kinds of shit that happens, or makes you feel suicidal, and it totally compounds the depression into this complex black mass of pain.

On another note, my mum and I have been rereading the Harry Potter series ever since we went to Scotland (one of the b&b’s had the first book in their library, which started it all, plus that’s where the books were written), and so I spent part of the night finishing The Goblet of Fire. I’d forgotten Rita Skeeter was an Animagus. Very fun and gripping reading, and Voldemort chills me more and more with each reading! What a fun series!

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