2008? 2009!

Happy New Year All! Soon we will be entering 2009, a brand new year close to a decade after y2k. I remember New Year’s Eve on Y2K, I was so happy when the lights were still on.

2008 was a good year for me. I had my grant, I moved into Coop housing, and I went out more and more.

I went to Ness Creek for the first time and met some bears. I went down a waterslide. I went to Scotland and connected with my roots there for the first time.

I’ve come up with some good resolutions for next year. Mostly I want to take my work more seriously and papertrain Mister so he’ll only poo in one place. and I want to quit smoking, seriously! I haven’t had a smoke all day and it’s a good thing. I’m back to the patches.

It would be really nice to fall in love this year. I’m so used to being single, it would be kind of nice for a change to have someone to love.

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