Without it

I’ve had a longstanding use of pot. Since I was 19 I have been using on and off. But now that all those years of use have passed I wonder if I could have done more with my life besides sitting around stoned for so long.

I’m not liking who it is making me either. I’m feeling desperate more often than not, and that’s just no good. It’s also costing me a lot of money, and it’s not really worth it.

Plus I think it’s killing my creativity. I can’t do or think of good things while I’m sitting around looking like a burn out. I’ve been thinking abut this for a long time. I’d like to go back to a different way of life, one where I do things with myself like sit in a bubble bath with candles, instead of just inhaling burning plant materials to make myself feel better. It’s a bummer for a lot of reasons.

It will totally change the dynamic with my friends, some of who are also chronic users. I do have clean friends though.

Maybe I should take a LONG break. Like a few months. Although if I like being clean, maybe I could stretch it out. I don’t know if I can honestly say Never again, but I can always take it as it comes.

Who will I be without weed? I’m really curious. That’s mostly why I want to do it, I want to find out who I will be without it.

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