Video I love it

My life has been going well since I’ve started making healthy changes. I am going to a Yoga class tonight where it’s for total beginners, to get you ready to do drop in classes. It goes for three weeks, which is perfect. It’s pretty tricky stuff, yoga, I never realized how much it would push me until I did the free queer yoga class through the Avenue Community Centre.

I’m making progress on my video. Right now it’s still a jumbled mess, but a shape is starting to take form. Which is good. It’s such an ambitious project, and the next video is similar in scope, although totally fictional. I haven’t got a structure worked out yet. Normally I would be sitting down writing out a flow for the tapes I make, and I haven’t actually DONE that yet. Maybe because my narration is still untaped.

The funniest thing happened to me at work, I called my ex at HER workplace. I felt funny about it, we were both professional and just dealt with each other like any other call, I didn’t dare try to strike up a conversation in case she slammed the phone down, which was probably for the best. But I did feel kind of sad that we didn’t talk to each other like ex lovers do. Or whatever.

I was going to go for a ski today, but I think I will go tomorrow instead. I will now go edit more of my video. VIDEO!!!! i love it!

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