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Is videoing even a word? I don’t think we used it in film school. But I did do some shooting today of my mommy’s interview. I hope that it will round out my video. I also have to shoot some footage of myself, but I want to know what I have to work with first.

I’ve been okay, I’m trying to better my life still. I only partied once this weekend, which was nice. Last night I just stayed home with the pets and goofed off. I have to clean again because my place is YET AGAIN a huge mess.

I’m excited for editing, I have tons of footage now and think I have just enough to make a good video. I may just use myself to do the voiceover, maybe a little bit of me talking.

I really want to get the whole damn thing done by March so that I can apply for a big grant again in April. I want to do a Mars recruitment video. But I really need a script to show the funders, there’s a better chance of getting a grant if I do it. So I also have to work on that. Plus festivals are starting to ask about showing it, and I really do want to get it done for their deadlines.

I’m pretty impressed with the things Obama has done so far. Pretty exciting times for those americans. Even to be canadian is exciting, what with the coalition rumours.

I have most of tomorrow off except for 3 to 6 when I am working. It will be kind of nice, I hope to clean and edit. Clean and edit, clean and edit, clean and edit, that’s my life. I wish there was a coffee shop I liked to sit in, so I could write down ideas. That’s where I do my best writing, in a coffee shop. There are some in Sutherland, a short bus ride from where I live, and I’m sure once I get a weekend routine going BEYOND partying I could sit in there and write.

I guess at a certain point in everyone’s life, they want more than cheap thrills and actually want to focus on career goals and other important life things. I’m smoking up WAY less and I have noticed a difference, I have more motivation for one thing, more energy, I don’t just SIT around anymore. I actually got it together to videotape my mom today, which was good because I’d been avoiding it for a while.

It’s funny that my career has nothing to do with how I ordinarily make a living, which is as a market research interviewer (since 2002!). But I have had BIG grants twice during that time, where I either worked on a video or wrote a screenplay.

It’s funny, you know what really made me want to stop smoking so much pot was my creativity. It gets dulled from too much pot use and as a practicing artist I can’t afford to keep flushing creativity down the loo. I think slowing down has been a positive influence in my life.

I’ve decided to do this First Step Yoga class with the City of Saskatoon, it’s three beginner yoga classes that get you ready to do drop in yoga classes. I’ll probably do my drop in yoga at the Y, but I’d like to know some of the basic positions before I step into that.

Things are going remarkably well in my life, as a result of all the changes I’ve been making. I still wish I kept a cleaner house though.

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  1. I’m in a similar stage in my life too. I’ve traded my party habits and excessive pot smoking for more domestic and creative activities. It really does make me feel better!

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