I am a bad blogger

I haven’t been writing much lately, mostly because I am working so much right now. I haven’t been working on my video either, like I said I would. I’ve been bad creatively altogether.
But my trusted psych nurse, who I see mostly because she gives me insight to things I otherwise wouldn’t have, thinks I am in remission. I certainly hope so. It’s been well over a year since I was depressed. And two years since I was manic. And I got to go off one drug altogether. I am doing well, to sum up. And no thoughts of conquering the world. It’s been really nice.
I am up past my bedtime. I should get to bed soon. I just came from a lovely dinner party. I haven’t been to one in ages, besides the ones my mom has. My mommy.

My Mum and I have been getting along a lot better since I moved out of her house. Unfortunately I owe her money. And it’s about the same amount I owe to Student Loans.

It’s not as bad as you think, I’m treaty, the vast majority of my education was paid for except for the tiniest fraction, which I got a student loan for. And some of it was already forgiven, and it was a summer session anyway. Still, I know just on principle I will pay my mum back before I pay my stupid tiny student loan.

Being in remission again makes me want to get a girlfriend. But where? So far two people on facebook have mentioned Toronto, but I don’t particularly want to live in Toronto. And I had a girlfriend who lived in Toronto, and she wasn’t interested in living in Vancouver until I moved away from it. And by then we were long since broken up because she said there was no way we could be together because of the distance. I remember I had a nightmare that she dumped me because of her phone bill, and that she would have kept going out with me if Sprint had done it’s cheap long distance plan while we were still going out. Who knows.
I’m feeling optimistic about my future lately, not necessarily because of the job, maybe mostly because it is spring and everything looks better in the spring.

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