My gamer past

I’ve never been big into video games. I remember the first ones, that were just blocks of colour moving around like Atari’s ET, which was the worst video game ever. All that would happen is he’d fall into a pit and you couldn’t get out. His neck would move up and down and he’d walk back and forth, but that’s all it was. ET falling into a pit.

And then there was Pacman, and I even convinced my mum to buy Pacman cereal. And then of course that notorious feminist Ms. Pacman.

Gauntlet was great fun, my cousin Luke and I used to go to the arcade on Broadway with some quarters and play for as long as we could. But because it was in an arcade, we didn’t play ALL DAY! We could have though, it was fun.

Then there was Nintendo, with such favorites as Caveman Games, where the object was to do caveman things like start a fire with two sticks and swing a woman around by the hair and throw her. Yeah, I was a kid but even then I thought that was a bit much.

But Mario Brothers sucked up most of my time. Super Mario Brothers, all the way to Super Mario 4.

As an adult I’ve seen my best friend have a serious addiction to Katamari Damacy, and I loved that game too, enough to buy the PSP 2 console just to play it. But since Mario Brothers I’ve never had an addiction on a game. My Mum was addicted to Dr. Mario once, and another friend’s mom was addicted to Legend of Zelda.

But today I came SO CLOSE to signing up for World Of Warcraft, thinking I should give it a chance. And then I thought, No. Too many people get addicted to that crazy game and let it suck away their lives.

I’m not big into video games anymore, but I sure do love facebook.

Here is someone more successful at ET than me.

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