An artist working

I have approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes to work on my art practice, before work. Then I come home and work on it some more. I am trying to be more demanding and strict with myself, especially since I can hand in a rough cut to this festival in Toronto. Can I make it? I dunno.
It especially sucks because the festival in Toronto is SO GOOD and I want to premiere my little flick there. But I dunno if what I have is anywhere near good enough to get it into a festival as is. I don’t even have my narration on it.
I have a very unhappy kitten on my hands. Schrodinger has been wandering around crying where ever he goes, I am sending him to my mom’s to enjoy the outdoors, the big baby. I can’t tell if he wants food or to go out, or both. Who knows?
Pride is coming up here, which is exciting! There’s all kinds of events going on for the whole week, and if I get out and go to some I just might meet a cutie!
I’m still not smoking, in case you were wondering, but it’s getting hard to keep my resolve again. It just seems so easy to have One smoke, the mythical one smoke before going back to your quit. But as they say, cigarettes travel in packs! I’m finally not letting people smoke cigarettes in my apartment and that helps a lot, plus the apartment smells nicer. I’m all abut things smelling good now.
I’m also working on this Mars Screenplay, which is only a short video at the moment but if I like it and get more ideas I may make a feature out of it. What am I going to do with my video? Should I send a rough cut with no narration? It seems INSANE! The narration is what makes the video! dammit!

I do love being a video artist. My ex Velveeta, who works primarily with Super 8 (besides her Elvis performances) says video is ugly. Aw, don’t mock the video! Without it, how would teenage homos make their points? I think I might shoot my first feature on video. Hmm, it’s a lot cheaper than film that’s for sure, and it doesn’t take as much lighting.
Well, how do your force yourself to write? Write write write. Bleh! I should format my narration so far and find out for sure how many minutes I have.

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