Fit Of Pique running again!

After two years of being locked out of my old blog, I have finally cracked my password and am currently writing in it. I have written three entries. I am pretty happy! I also got to read old emails, including the first email I wrote after my cousin Christopher died.
If only I could fuse both email and blog accounts and have one blog and one email! Oh well.
My arm is itchy. I have gone down to Step 2 of the patch and haven’t noticed a big difference yet. I still have cravings to smoke SOMETHING, so I’ve been smoking some tobacco alternatives. No tobacco though. It’s been 23 days? 22 days? A long time anyway. I have no desire to start again, just this need to smoke something or another.
I went to a BDSM munch last night and had a good time, met a lot of new people and talked kinky stuff. It was fun, and I am going to go back for the mid month coffee I think.
I’m so messy! I think I am going to clean today. I know, I always say I am going to clean and then nothing happens. But I really DO want to clean today and I’m not working so far. Plus I am getting a new couch tomorrow, well, an old couch from my grandparents, but it’s new to me!
Well, I am going to go write in Fit Of Pique now, about I don’t know what.

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