The Home

Living in a psych home is the ultimate in tedium and I have to admit, I generally just spent time at my mother’s instead of trying to hang out there. I was living almost the whole time with women far far older than me, waiting for nursing homes at that point really, except for one other younger woman who moved in soon after me.
There just wasn’t much to do. we had television. Most of the residents stayed there and didn’t go out into the city. That was very depressing. And like I said, the rooms were shared so no rumpy pumpy even on your own. And I missed my dog especially, I went to Mum’s all the time to see him. I also stored my pot at my mum’s since I was in a sober living facility. There are only a couple homes in town that don’t care if you do alcohol and some other drugs. And they aren’t the kinds of homes you want to live in.
My roommate for most of the time was schizophrenic and we think had dementia. She was always talking about Indians or Cows in the backyard, and couldn’t wipe her bum properly. We shared a bathroom so I knew the truth!
Shit all over the towels.
At the time I was still thinking about transitioning, and it was weird being male identified and spending time in an all female group home. On the other hand, it would have been weirder to be with guys. Which made me realize how difficult it is to be trans and crazy. I made a packer that I wore outside of the house sometimes and it made me feel better.
Shit, this typing is driving me nuts and I don’t have much else to say about the home. Maybe tomorrow I will just skip ahead to today.

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