Beautiful Mess

There are things I need to change in my life in order to move on and become a better person. I’ve let things bother me to the point of wanting to die just to avoid my circumstances, and that’s never good. I need some help, it’s rough.

I think dying just to get out of this rut is a dumb idea, just for the record. I know it’s dumb but in the past whenever major problems loomed, suicidal thinking was always there to entice me in it’s cruel grip.

But it’s a cruel thing to do to myself, and especially to the people around me.

I’m tired of being so depressed. And I’m tired of being down on myself. I really have to just get off my ass and start becoming the person I want to be. It’s hard to do that! Why is change so hard? I would like this to be instant, but I know it’s not to be yet.

The hardest part about having these addictions, pot and tobacco, is that it’s everywhere and so easy to get and I am ambivalent about quitting altogether. I’m not so ambivalent about tobacco, I know I need to quit that, but the pot, just the idea of saying No More is so scary! I’ve come to depend on it to relax, and I need better coping skills for life.

I am a mess, it is true, but I am a beautiful mess.