Praise for the Chubby Girls~!

A close friend whose body image has changed since gaining weight feels bereft of possible companions. I have been trying to explain that sexuality and sexiness is not tied in with weight as much as this friend thinks.
Fat girls are yummy and delicious and I am saddened when I hear big girls feel like they won’t be able to have a sex life until they are 20 pounds lighter. Sex can happen at any size!
I am a fat girl. I got teased by my family when it started, because of the meds I have to take. But I grew to love my body, and see it as a beautiful thing. And the great thing is I gained a cup size!
Seriously though, sex is not exclusively the domain of the young and thin. Great sex can happen to anyone!

I just wish it was me having sex. I have been celibate for half a decade, to be completely honest, and it makes me feel inadequate. And not having as much experience makes me feel embarrassed, at this advanced age. I’ve had a number of partners, but not much experience in long term relationships.

I like big butts and I cannot lie!

Been a long time since I got flogged too, I really should do something about this stalemate.

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  1. Hi Thirza,

    I’m feral geographer and I blog at Along with Mae Callen of Driving Fast on Loose Gravel (, I’m working on creating an active blogroll of queer blogs from Canada and/or by Canadians. The project is called Queer Canada Blogs (, and we’ve added your blog!
    Please check it out and let us know if you have any suggestions for other blogs we can add.

    feral geographer

    (Feel free to delete this comment… I just wanted to contact you, and couldn’t find an email address!)

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