Minor Mood Fluctuation

It’s not SO BAD. It’s just a minor feeling of sadness. I will be okay. I forgot to take my antidepressant this morning, and didn’t take it on Sunday morning because I had to go to sleep and it would have kept me up. So here I am feeling low. LOW. Poop. But I think I will just try to do one thing this evening that will make me feel better.

I am going to clean my apartment.

I should! It’s such a nice apartment and I need to get it in order. When I come home I sit and sit and sit in the living room or throw my clothes on the floor in the bedroom and crawl into bed. My bed sheets are dirty! i am a dirty girl! The bathroom is gross and the kitchen has dirty dishes and the living room is strewn with papers and XLR cables and other detritus. I am a detritus girl!

At least I am not a horder, otherwise there would be serious trouble. No, I have stuff, but not immense amounts of it. I don’t come into my apartment and tunnel around to the bed and the tv and the toilet. I am not a lesbian gopher. I just sometimes have trouble seeing the floor! And I can’t do tarot card readings until the place is cleaned . . .

and till I get the cards from Mum’s house. I should recharge them, or whatever that is when you clean the energy and make it yours again. Recharging? Like a battery?

I am wanting to make some new short low/no budget video! I am fishing for ideas out of the ether. So far I haven’t come up with something solid. That’s what you get for sniffing ether.

There must be something I want to say, besides Hi My Name is Thirza and I am a Pot head. I mean, that’s a really boring idea for a video. It’s boring enough living that life without devoting five minutes to it! Ha ha! No, I need to think of something entertaining and political and intelligent and hopefully lesbian because there is more queer girls at those festivals. I’m still seeking a mate, I am expanding beyond Saskatchewan.