The Sufferin’ Dufferin

When I lived in vancouver in the late 90’s early Oughts, I used to sometimes go with friends to the Sufferin’ Dufferin. I saw drag shows there. I saw some naked men dancing with elastics for cockrings and white tube socks. I mean, does that count as naked though? I mean, they were wearing socks. Can you be naked with socks on? And do cockrings count as a piece of apparel, even if they are just rubber bands?

I’m 31 years old and I still have these questions.

Anyway, I have heard all kinds of wild stories about the dufferin and people’s adventures there. I never saw anyone have their dick out for very long. It was such a funny place. I once caught a poster of a naked man and ended up giving it to a grateful ‘mo friend.

But my crowning glory, my supreme achievement at the Dufferin, was on their pull tabs. One night I went out to meet a couple of friends at the Sufferin’ Dufferin and one of them was trying so hard to win at pull tabs. And then I went and put in two dollars and won a hundred bucks.

I don’t often win. Usually I lose all my gambling money. But once I won.

And he was so pissed off. I bought us all a beer.

It’s long gone now. The money and the Dufferin. And I haven’t been to Vancouver in months and months.

The Lotus is gone too, or at least, the lesbian version, I remember they always used to play that Spin Spin Sugar song while I was looking for The One. Out of a lot of drunk lesbians in the blacklight. Now they just have Lick upstairs? Do they? Heck, I don’t even know anymore.

I never found a girlfriend at the Lotus. I found three at school and one at a festival through a friend and once my mom introduced me to someone I slept with a few times. I have never picked up in a gay bar. It’s always nice going for the view though.

And I never picked up at the Dufferin. It was mostly the enclave of boys. Maybe that’s why it was so fun, I could watch other people get all sexy with each other and not have any pressure on myself. Boys and Boys is hot. Why else do so many lesbians like gay porn?

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