And I have no phone. But for now I still have internet. I am doing alright, I keep misplacing my meds though which means I miss doses because I either have to get out of the house fast or are crashing and not awake enough to go looking for them. Either way this must be remedied! Right now they are by the phone, which is a silly place for them because with no phone I never go over there.
Okay, NOW they are beside the computer.
I am going to get myself all prettied up soon and go on the prowl. Looking for some hottie to take home and do naughty things with. I haven’t done that in a while though, and my shyness prevents me from pouncing. I’ve missed all kinds of girl on girl opportunities through shyness. It’s a terrible thing to deprive the world of more lesbian sex just because you don’t know how to ask someone if you can kiss them.
The OTHER thing that gets in the way of my girl on girl action is I like super femmey girls, and it’s hard to ID them as queer sometimes, which puts them out to no end.
On a totally different note, Pumpy, my halloween pumpkin, was left to rot just a wee bit too long in my house and has now caused an infestation of fruit flies. They have yet to just die off, because their food source is gone, but they are just hanging around, trying to think of something else to eat. It’s a bit disturbing, I don’t trust them in the least and I think they have designs on my coca-cola. It’s my coke dammit!
I didn’t win the 50 Million Lotto Max draw, but someone in Manitoba did, which is almost like someone in Saskatchewan winning, which is almost like me winning. Ha ha!
It’s a beautiful day outside. I am waiting for my mother to get online and talk to me. I think we were going to move some stuff over to my house.

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