Don’t forget about The Art!

I have forgotten about The Art. It’s sitting on my computer in the drive named Parker Posey, because I had a crush on her from the scene in DAZED AND confused where she is yelling “Suffer Bitches!” And spraying freshman with ketchup and mustard. Anyway, The Art is sitting there, needing some attention. Some high detail pruning and applying of sound and MORE visuals. It’s a really pretty piece of Art, I think. But in between working and having a life, I haven’t devoted myself to finally finishing it.

It needs a voiceover, for one thing. And it needs some more titles, and the entire list of credits is ALL Cuthands. It makes me feel funny, like there must have been more people to thank. But no, it was mostly us. I’m glad people were interested enough that it was made. I hope it finds an audience.

But I’ve been neglecting me Art, and this was the year I was going to go hard on my career. It’s terrible. Tsk tsk.

To be fair a family emergency did greet us in 2010, and that has involved a lot of phone calls and some hospital visits and then just general worry time. Art totally gets interrupted by life, and sometimes for good reason.

xcx says the cat!

Later, like a few days later, I am finishing this post. Well, I have still been neglecting the art, although I did digitize an old tape of mine from 1999 and got some stills and deinterlaced them and compressed a MPEG 4 of it and loaded it onto Facebook. It’s not as perfect as I would like, but I always end up going some different route to get it to upload and no matter what I do it looks weird on my end. I hate watching videos online actually, I would prefer to go and see them in a dark room with other people. Especially the sexy videos.

Once I sat next to this woman I liked, and we were watching something and I forget what, but she made a wet noise! I have no idea how else to describe it. I have often wondered what she was doing! Sometimes I really do never find out these things.

My perfect idea of the afterlife is that we just get to ask questions and get answers. Like “What was the wet noise> Who ate the pube cake> What was HER name> Did Jesus really live and do all those things> What did the very first language sound like> What were those lights over Cranberry Flats> And why oh why do people go crazy>” And then I could move on, ya know, these things wouldn’t be WEIGHING ON MY MIND!

But maybe life will always insist on keeping it’s mystery. There will always be more questions.

Mister likes Pistachios, Cheezies, and Hot Rods. He’s quite the Sausage.

Do I like being marginalized> I don’t know why I am asking myself this question. It’s just that I was going to write “Do I like living on the fringes of society>” and then thought I was really meaning marginalization. In either case, the answer is no. It leads to a lot of hunger and issues with clothing and proper housing. Not that I am currently suffering from any of those issues, but I have in the past and then the future is always unclear. I’ve also seen a lot of other persons with overlapping marginalized identities struggle for basic things other people take for granted. Like finding a job, or being able to support themselves on a limited income. It’s rough.

Plus if there aren’t any representations of your particular situation, you feel the need to create some so you don’t feel so alone. Actually, that is probably a good part about being marginalized, the creative things which come out of living with that kind of oppression.

Not that you should oppress people just so they make good art. OMG! Colonizing the arts!

I work with video, but that was invented in like, 1951. It’s not a precontact specifically European medium. I dunno, there really are very few mediums out there that only one group of people uses. Like, everyone’s had some kind of paint and some kind of fabric design and you know, the list goes on. Everyone carves! I used to do carving. But I dunno, that was a long time ago.

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