Urine smell -> Flower Smell! 😀 (True Stories!)

Mister is digging through my pockets and finding every candy possible. He’s a very snoopy dog. I have photos of a wallet he rifled through and the money he took from it, and also when he went through Deanna’s purse and took out her pouch of tobacco.
I have HOT WATER and Coffee Filters again! And heat, which I don’t need because it is summer. No more going to Mum’s to shower! Now I can actually stay clean! I’m one of those people who showers everyday. I’ve been doing every two days and it’s yucky. Sometimes 3 days! :O But no more! Now I am going to be clean and serene. You know what I mean.
YAY! I just had a nice hot shower in my own apartment. SHOWERS! And I’m supposed to get curtains this week. Hurrah for Curtains! Now I can masturbate in front of my computer! Really, it’s been ROUGH! Curtains are a necessity. Even for people like me who write tell all blogs for over a decade of their life!
Actually, I don’t tell all anymore. I tell some, and leave the rest to word of mouth gossip. I’m no slouch, there’s not much to do sometimes besides gossip about mutual aquaintances, sometimes it’s the best small talk.
I need some monsieur net. I used the last of the floor cleaner and there is no multipurpose cleaner on hand, just Vim with Bleach.
UGH! I just washed part of the kitchen floor with this “orange scented” generic cleaner and now it smells like burning rubber! Blech! Maybe if I smoke a cigarette the smell will go down! Oh no! I’m smoking! Shameful downward spiral!
Next thing you know I’ll be smoking crack! :O
Actually that is one thing I have never done, and will never do. I’ve watched too many crack addicts to want to be one. It’s sketchy. Especially when they are looking for a rock in the cracks of the sidewalk. DEPRESSING!!!
Funny the limits I put on my drug using behaviour. Like such and such is okay, but THIS is NOT! So sad.
That smell is going away. Phew! And maybe I will have some tea instead of this coke. But mostly I think I should finish washing the floors. Cleaning to raise my self esteem.
Floors are washed! It’s starting to look nice in here, ACTUALLY. Amazing.
Much Later:
Okay, well now the dishes are done and I took the garbage out and I cleaned up a Mister Mistake. I even washed under the dog dishes, which I always neglect. And I dyed my hair again, now it’s a deeper pink, not so orangey. I like it. I left roots in. I don’t have enough for bleach.
While I have been doing all of this I have been thinking about many things. Mostly lottery dreams. Foolish things, but that faint hope is so appealing.
I bet if I made the perfect film, I could make a million dollars. I wonder.
I’ve also been thinking of video ideas, but my brainstorming would sometimes be interrupted by me trying to figure out what a dark organic blob was on this or that.
I saved my suitcase I had bought to go to Scotland! Mimi, my mom’s old grumpy vengeful cat pissed on it, but I got this stuff called Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer (for cats)! And now it just smells like flowers.
True story, that one.
And it’s really good because I don’t want to smell like cat piss in Berlin.
Angry cat piss.
I just found my electrical adaptor! With a usb port so I can charge my iPod anywhere! 😀 Into the clean suitcase it goes!
I haven’t gotten my results back on my big grant still. Maybe tomorrow, or the day after, or while I’m gone! 🙁 Not much time left before I leave. I was hoping to hear something about it before I go so that I can plan my life accordingly.

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