Dick Van Dyke had addiction Issues.

Grapefruit has too much acid for some medications and will make you get too much at once. Interesting, I think. More acidic than stomach acid???

Stomach acid is kind of a weird concept. There is acid, and it is INSIDE US! My mom once babysat a kid who didn’t produce stomach acid and had to drink a cup of acid before he could eat.

Oh man, what kind of life is that?

It gets worse, he was also highly allergic and could only eat beef, barley, and bananas.

Little Mister is doing well, especially since he has no allergies and eats all the blueberries he wants! He’s laying behind my back like a wiener dog lumbar support cushion. He’s actually quite comfy for me to have.

He and Hermione, the other wiener dog, and I, all slept in this morning. Mum did too, and Arthur. Why did we all sleep in? I was listening to the top 20 on the radio since 7:30am and still it took me an hour to wake up. I was 7 minutes late for school and felt badly. I have terrible guilt about lateness. Sometimes I am really bad at it and people notice and get mad. But I’ve been pretty good recently.

I have been working this writing everyday plan for a while and I think it is going well. It definitely jogs my brain and gets me thinking about things. I’d like to add some other new habits to my life. I am thinking of making a mandatory hour once a day of reading a paper book. No ebooks for me, an actual physical book. It would be better on my eyes and open me up for new ideas. And I wouldn’t be sitting at the computer, which is a major plus. I’d like to go get some new library books and start. Except I borrowed a learn German cd from the library and it is stuck in my mom’s computer. And so I keep renewing it, but really I need to get it out of the computer. I’ve tried all kinds of methods of getting the iMac to eject it, but it isn’t even recognizing that there is a disc in it.

The quandry of technology malfunctions. I hate malfunctions. I hate when I malfunction and I hate when computers do it.

But there are other habits I could get.

I have nearly 3 packages of cigarettes left. I would like these to be my last cigarettes for all time. I’m enjoying them during the january thaw, but by the time it plunges to minus 30 for two weeks I don’t want to be freezing outside sucking on cancer sticks! Still! With chapped hands from being exposed to the biting cold. BITING I TELLS YOU! And since my mom’s house is non-smoking there is no more opportunity to smoke at the computer in the warmth leaving ashes all over the desk. 🙁

So I am going to try and mentally prepare this time instead of just one day quitting because I don’t have smokes. I feel like my biggest crush ever would want to kiss me more if I didn’t smoke, and I don’t want to smoke anyway, and she’s never kissed me while I have been a smoker. I dunno, she will probably never kiss me again ANYWAY. But yeah, kissing smokers isn’t as much fun, and as a smoker I am aware. BUT I am not making it a resolution. Because it has been a resolution for three years, and I am not giving it the honour this year. It’s like, 2008’s resolution. So pbbbt!

I am not altering my eating habits this year except to continue eating less fat because of my gallbladder. Last time I weighed myself I was 210, which was 7 pounds more than my last weigh in! BUT I was wearing my purse and threw it off me just before it told me my weight, so I don’t really know, is my purse 7 pounds? It just might be!

Oh, but I did want to start eating breakfast. I always sleep in and miss breakfast.

And my flossing resolution hasn’t been going well. I flossed once. So far this year. I need to do it everyday. It’s right beside my bed, I have just been ignoring it.

I am still wearing the wristband from Aqua Boxercise. We had to do this one thing with a noodle where we floated in the water with our bums pointed down and our legs up with our shins and feet at the top of the water and knees and ankles together and then do like, stomach crunches. It was really difficult, but not as difficult as standing on a pool noodle without our feet on the tile. UGH! I felt like a bad surfer.

I posted it on my facebook but not on here, but Dick Van Dyke was saved by porpoises when he fell asleep on his surfboard and floated out to sea. WTF? And thus it is clear, God loves Dick Van Dyke films. I can’t wait to see that scene recreated in the movie of his life! I hope he has a drug addiction or something he overcame, because otherwise I don’t know if there is enough contemporary interest in his personal life.

Oh hurrah, a google search and I already know Dick Van Dyke had addiction issues!

Man, my hair is crazy today. I should clean after aquafit better!

Anyway, I think that is all I have to write in my blog for today. Now onto other work!


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