WTF??? நாட் வ்ரிடிங் தேரே டுடே இ குஎச்ஸ்!

I bought 24 cans of coke today! Well, Mum bought it, BUT OMG! I love coke! In fact I prefer it to drinking alcohol. It is just so yummy! I know it is doing evil things to my body, but Whatever.

I am still trying really hard to write everyday. It is difficult. And I just learned that it is wrong to put two spaces after a period. It’s really hard to break the habit of a lifetime!

Aw hell, why am I writing here??? YOu know what I SHOULD be doing? While I wait for this mp4 file to compress I should be writing my new bio! It’s due all over the place! And people are still using ones I wrote when I was a teen!!! :O

2 thoughts on “WTF??? நாட் வ்ரிடிங் தேரே டுடே இ குஎச்ஸ்!

  1. WTF, it’s wrong to put two spaces after a period?!! How is that possible? When did the rules change? If that always was the rule, why was I taught otherwise in the typing class I took in high school?!!

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