I seem to have quit drinking pop. As an experiment. And so far the tummy pain has stopped. My friend Jasmine used to get gallbladder attacks triggered by pop. It’s so weird what will trigger an attack. So now I have to go on without my favorite drink. I’m not as heartbroken as I thought I would be. But it was a constant in my life since I was old enough to drink it. It’s probably put me at a horrible risk of diabetes, and my race, and my medication, both also contribute towards that.

Bleh. It’s been since Friday that I have had a cigarette. I have had one to two lozenges everyday when I get really cravy, but so far it has been okay. OMG! I hope this is it, for serious, no more cigarettes!

In other news, I now am CEO of a corporation. 🙂

Wacky, that’s for sure! It sounds like I should be making the equivalent of what an average Canadian makes all year by noon on Jan 1st! But I am not, so far. I am making exactly what the government wants me to make, until my program is over. So everything I make will go back into the business.

I can’t use the internet in the basement because something is wrong. 🙁 Oh well, I will figure it out. But also I am tired of writing on my old computer, it’s just so OLD!

And persnickety!

ARG! I am tired of trying to convince this girl from my past that I am loveable! I have tried all kinds of ridiculous things and it has never worked!!! I feel like I never properly worked through our ending because I was crazy and every time I tried to talk about how I felt about this significant to me person I would be told not to talk about it! Imagine breaking up with someone who means a lot to you and being told not to talk about your feelings around it! UGH!

And anyway, I really should move on, but it still feels not quite right. I don’t know what it is. I wish I could afford my psychic! I don’t suppose you could write that off as a business expense. . . no, maybe for entertainment? Meals and Entertainment? Would I have to take my psychic out for dinner?

She’s the psychic to the stars now! Complimentary readings by her were part of the gift bags at the Emmy’s a couple years ago! And she is a consultant for shows like Ghost Whisperer. And she lives in Saskatoon!

Anyway. I feel like my career has some direction now, but my love life has NO DIRECTIONS at all! Or maybe too many directions. Too bad there isn’t really love life counseling. I mean, maybe there is? For singles though??? The only kind of counseling I get is psych nurse counseling and it is more about health than deep seated issues I have. And she doesn’t get poly relationships, sooooo, um, well, that’s pretty much my whole roster of relationships I have had.

I still want to experiment with monogamy before I die though.

There was an ad on Facebook that kept cropping up all day today that had text reading “Saskatoon Bucket List! 365 Things To Do Before You Die” and next to that was a picture of a woman standing next to a pool in a bathing suit holding a monkey’s hand. The monkey was wearing swimming trunks. I don’t think I would agree with most things on that bucket list. I can do without swimming with the monkeys. Hell, I don’t even want to go swimming with the dolphins!

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