Wasabi Rice Crackers are not my Favorite

Neither are Wasabi peas when I think about it. And when I have sushi I use wasabi very sparingly.

In Vancouver there is an ice cream shop that has a bazillion flavours and one of them is Wasabi, I have never tried it.

I’m feeling positive about moving on from my bitch ex. When I think about it there is something kind of creepy about her. I can’t put my finger on it. There’s something kind of paternalistic about her, is that what I mean? Maybe. Like a moral superiority. I hate that. I think there is something human about making mistakes and doing risky behaviours. All I know is that she was horrified by me when I was sick the last time and it has always bothered me. I need someone with some empathy.

I am actually thinking maybe it would be more sensible to date other persons living with mental health issues. I am tired of the Norms. They don’t GET IT! My cousin and his girlfriend are both bipolars . . . well I wouldn’t choose their relationship as an exemplary example though. My best friends often have some kind of mood disorder going on with them, and I think I am such good friends with them because of it, we have common ground you know.

Anyway, it’s all ridiculous for me to think about because I actually have to get ready to present my work in Kelowna in a couple of weeks and also make a DVD of my videos for Berlin AND also do all the curatorial work for this Queer Youth video program at Entzaubert this year. Speaking of which, when I put in Queer Youth Videos in google the whole damn feed has been colonized by the It Gets Better project, which is fine if I want to lecture youth with videos by adults, but that is NOT what I have in mind at all! I am looking for work made BY queer youth about their experiences and so forth. It kind of pisses me off that the It Gets Better project is choking out the few links of queer youth driven video projects. Also as someone who has been in an institution after high school (and I’m not talking art school) I know that it doesn’t necessarily get any better. And besides that I take issue with adults telling suicidal youth they have to suffer through youth based oppression until adulthood.

Anyway, I have two videos I know I want to show for sure. One is James Diamond’s video where he comes out to his mom, it is really intense.

I want to make more beautiful art! Something that will resonate with just the right people.

I have an appointment with the Disability Loans people on Monday morning, but I have to change it because my Chapan’s funeral is on Monday. There, I just sent off an email to change it to Wednesday. BUT I must remember that I have my coaching session from 12 – 12:30 and my SUPER IMPORTANT doctor’s appointment at 1. Maybe I can meet them in the morning or after 2. I also have to get to work on polishing up my business plan, AND I still have to do my Credit Check and get my score and report. I’s afeard! But better to know. Plus I think my Identity was stolen in Vancouver when I lost my birth certificate in a Scotiabank dumpster.

I also have to get a cell phone, SOOOOOOOON! It’s going to be my business line, plus people have explicitly told me to get a cell phone because they try to get a hold of me and I am not always home. It’s the WAY OF THE FUTURE! My lovely friend Robin finally got one but adamantly refuses to text with me when I get mine. So I will have to listen to her melodius voice instead. Crap I spelled that wrong. Melodyious???? Pbbt!

Anyway, I had better get in touch with my distributors and see if they have any of my videos on DVD’s for me to screen. And where did my Mom go????? She left the house! :O Probably doing fancy art work like, OH! I know where she is, she is at the sign painters!

Cell phone cell phone cell phone. I want an android! I have decided not to get an iPhone because they are kind of fucked up in how they approve apps and how much money they take from news subscriptions. Carrie talked me into it. She has an android and loves it. SHE has an app that will turn off the sound just by shaking it back and forth! I was duly impressed. And D’Arcy has an app that translates other spoken languages instantly! I think the Germans might be annoyed if I hold up a phone to find out what they are saying, but who knows when it could come in handy!

Watch this video! I keep thinking of this song when I am laying down trying to go to sleep. It is Backstabber by the Dresden Dolls.

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