Waiting is terrible!

I am so horribly broke right now. I need to find some receipts and turn them in for some money back. But where did I put them? They are in the house for sure SOMEWHERE! I will find them, I WILL!

Anyway. Oh yeah, and I was supposed to get an artist fee. Where’s that? I bet I made 35 bucks!

Which is still more than I have right now.

And I am waiting, totally nervous, for the results of my grant. I am trying to remember how the packaging looks different, or does it? I don’t remember! I should take notes on it this time, like if they use a fancy envelope and if they mail my support material back. But it’s kind of silly, because by the time you see the Canada Council package, you open it so you know right away.

My Mum calls my art career money Magic Beans. She says to me “Are you counting on Magic Beans again?” The sad part is it’s true, they are magic beans! But sometimes I get money to make a big piece of art. And it’s really nice. Or I get decent artist fees. But I will never be able to sell a video for a million dollars. At least, no one has offered to pay that much. Matthew Barney sells his videos for megabucks. How does he do it?

Whatever. I really want to make some more art soon. It’s good for the soul. I start feeling all clogged up if I don’t make art on a regular basis, it’s worse than not crying. Ugh, artists block sucks.

I need to make some small videos. About what, I don’t know. I have some really nice footage I have been collecting. But I don’t know what to do with it. I made something that looked nice, but then I had issues with the software. And anyway, Final Cut Pro is releasing a new version that old files won’t work on. Which is kinda cruddy if you ask me.

Alien technology I bet! And it surely won’t work on my old computer. I need a new computer. A Macbook.

I just ate the best saskatoon pielette!

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