8621 words and HOLDING! Damn . . .

Life got in the way of me continuing to write. First I had five days of drinking in a row, and I am not sure how I did that but I managed and felt pretty gross after. Such a binge! And I didn’t even mean to binge, it’s just people kept inviting me out or else I was home drinking with my cousin or else there was wine with dinner. Either way, it made me feel like a deficient writer because everyone was like “You can’t write when you are drunk!” Although I kind of think I have in the past.

So whatever, I drank and didn’t write and now I have taken a couple days off but got a six pack and now I am writing again. And tipsy. AND I DON’T CARE!

Ha ha, no, I probably do care I just don’t want to talk about it.

You know something I realized about my marijuana use is that I do use it medically pretty much. I know all these people say marijuana is bad for crazy people, but there is also some pretty good research that indicates some active parts of marijuana help people with bipolar disorder. And although SOME people don’t handle marijuana well mentally, SOME people also don’t tolerate the same psychiatric medication I am on, for whatever reason. It’s like all psych type meds, not effective for everyone but for some it’s really good.

I dunno. I just know I am not grouchy when I have it and I feel a bit more even. And for someone with a mood disorder, “even” is a great state to be in. Not all teetertotery and shit.

I did hear about a doctor who will actually prescribe medical marijuana in this area, which surprised me because so few will. I’m still waiting to hear the results of the study Cannibinoids in Bipolar Affective Disorder so I can take it with me and say “See!” Or not take it.

WHat else? I am getting used to this multigenerational extended family household. Currently I live with my Mom, my Cousin Steven, and half time his son Kristjan. It’s a pretty full house! It’s been strange adjusting, but I have lived with Steven and Mom before, after Steven got assaulted in this fucked up house he was living in where there was a weed whacker murder in the garage!

Oh man, I totally walked away and got distracted.

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