The Futility of Desire, or; the Phantom of the Oprah

I have had an unprecedented amount of unrequited crushes in my life. It kind of sucks! I don’t know what’s wrong with me that I keep picking such unattainable women to fall for. I often wonder if it’s because subconsciously I don’t feel deserving of a mutually loving relationship. There’s got to be something going on! Sometimes I wish I had a real counselor and not just a psych nurse.

I was doing alright for girlfriends between the ages of 19 to 23, then it all kind of petered out and I ended up falling in love with women who became friends and nothing further over and over. I’ve had an unrequited crush for four years at a time sometimes. That’s a long time to be romantically preoccupied with someone who doesn’t even want to have sex with me! Oh man.

So you can understand why I feel like desire is totally futile.

I wonder what will happen to me the day it ISN’T futile anymore? Will I have a really hard time adjusting to being with someone who really wants me as much as I want them? Will I get all scared because it hasn’t happened for years and run away as fast as I can? Will I get all jerky and crabby to drive them away? Will I get stressed out because I am in love and go insane? It’s worrisome.

But not as worrisome as the alternative, which is that I spend the rest of my life alone continuing to get unrequited crushes and feeling depressed like the Phantom of the Opera, which I almost spelled Oprah. Yes, the Phantom of the Oprah.

Here’s something to make you cry, it’s from Post Secret about sad love.

I am tired of sad love. Well anyway, enough of this blogging for now, now I am off to keep slowly moving all of my bedroom things upstairs to my new bedroom. I will think of a good New Year’s Eve blog to end the year with!

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