Tired of this shit

I’m really frustrated with Canada these days. I’m sick of colonization, I am just so FUCKING SICK of being a colonized person. My land is being desecrated by some assholes in parliament who want to further colonize us through evangelical values being imposed on the population. It sucks. I don’t want Steven Harper in my country, I think all of us Natives should just run him out on a rail. He should be banished to America!

And our rights are getting eroded away. He just annulled all of the same sex marriages of foreigners who have been using their Canadian marriage licenses to secure equal rights as spouses in their countries. What an asshole thing to do.

That reminds me of a great plan I have to make asshole stickers and put them on the back ends of cars that park badly. Like those big shiny trucks that straddle two parking stalls so that they won’t get scratched. I always want to key them, but I think I would get into less trouble if I put an asshole on their rear end. I would make them look like Vonnegut’s asshole from Breakfast of Champions, a little cartoon asterisk.

I should put an asshole sticker on Steven Harper’s car. Someone get me a grant so I can go to Ottawa and do it!

I’m tired of being oppressed. That’s all it is. I’m tired of the level of racism in Canada towards Indigenous people. I’m tired of the fact that over 600 aboriginal women have gone missing or been murdered and nobody else cares. I’m tired of the police state our country is becoming. I’m tired of being involved in dodgy wars with questionable aims. I’m tired of people here resigning themselves to waiting around until 1215 instead of actually DOING something. I’m tired of worrying if I will ever really be able to be married or if the world is going to go backwards and I will lose my chance because some dickwad defined marriage as being between one man and one woman.

We need proportional representation. I’m sick of the way our democracy is corrupt to the core, yet we act like we’re some forward thinking nation compared to the rest of the world.

So yeah. I guess it’s time to make more activist art again. I don’t know what else to do, I’m an artist, and art can be useful in times like this. Just think of Act Up and Gran Fury bringing the AIDS epidemic to the public discourse. It’s a hopeful way of looking at the world. I don’t know that I can change the direction the country is headed, but I can try.

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