Money is the root of all poopy stuff!

I am waiting for $1000 for living allowance for January from Saskatoon Tribal Council and it is already the 11th. Apparently my cheque was ready on Monday, but then someone locked it up and got sick and went home with the key and won’t return phone calls. So my cheque is locked up until this person gets better. SHITTY! I am so broke! And I hate being broke. It’s been a pissy month with lots of borrowing money and that sucks too because I am made to feel so badly about it. And I can’t do anything about it because I certainly don’t have the key to the cabinet that holds my cheque.

The only thing I don’t understand is that it was ready Monday but when I went on Monday I was told it wasn’t ready and to come back the next day. And by the next day it was locked up and Ms. Lady was sick.

Sigh! I have shit that needs doing! I hate having people toy with me over money. I suppose I should just get used to it if I am running a business. People are assholes!


I am still exercising! I went to the field house yesterday and did a bunch of exercising and even did the elliptical for five more minutes than the last time, and it wasn’t as hard this time! I thought I had more muscley bits in my tummy but Laurel said a few days of exercise wouldn’t make that much of a difference so fast. But I am starting to feel a little stronger, even though it is probably a miniscule difference.

I knitted a bunch today. It was good, I am almost halfway done my scarf! 😀

I also booked an appointment with my psychic. It’s time for me to find out more! I need to know about a few things, like my future romantic life and my current business I am trying to get off the ground. Last time I saw her I was also looking for direction and it really helped. I am hoping I will get some direction again. It’s been five years! That’s enough time between readings. The last time I went she told me about many things that ended up happening. She didn’t tell me about my oncoming major manic episode, but she did tell me about a break up that was pretty much directly related to that episode. She also told me about being rejected for some film thing I applied to. She said “I don’t want to say it’s fixed, but you won’t get it.” Which I didn’t.

She did tell me in the long term I would live a comfortable life and that I would go far. But I need more confirmation, because so far it has been me being broke living with my Mom.

Plus I really need to know some personal stuff. Which I will hopefully find out.

I’ve still got to sit down and write out some goals I want to reach in setting up my business. Right now I am focused on marketing issues, like getting my website and business cards done. But I have to write reports to my funders WHO STILL HAVEN’T GIVEN ME MY CHEQUE so I need to have more concrete things to report about my business advancing.

I don’t even know if I should be living with my Mom, but Mister the dog needs a backyard to be a happy boy and barks too much for an apartment anyway. And I can’t afford a house on my own. Maybe when I get a girlfriend I can. Sigh. Living with Mom, such a frowned upon living arrangement.

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