Woot! A Happy Thirza makes for a Happy World

I’ve been having a really good day. I learned how to find Requests for Proposals online and how to read the RFP and how to write a proposal. So that was good. Then I went home for lunch and then went back out to see my Psych Nurse. I told her about all the good things going on in my life, like staying Quit for cigarettes for seven weeks, and quitting MJ last Wednesday and getting exercise at the Leisure Centres. She told me I was looking really good and asked for the name of the book that made me decide to get clean. And she gave me a CD to listen to when I am falling asleep to help me relax.

Then I came home and played with my new Macbook Pro (!!!!) and we went out for dinner to Prairie Ink. Then I came home and did some work typing up notes for my Mom’s Indian Art History Class (I learned a lot about the Kwakiutl!) and then I did 1.48 miles on the treadmill in half an hour and burned 181 calories and sweated sweated sweated. It made me feel pretty good. THEN I got a request for a quote for my company. My first client! So stoked, I finally get to do some work! It’s for a 90 minute documentary. Pretty exciting!

So it’s been a good day. I also registered for an introductory workshop in Adobe After Effects, which would bring up my skill set and allow me to do more advanced editing and video manipulation. I’m happy about that.

Things are looking up! And you know, quitting weed hasn’t been as hard as quitting cigarettes. Quitting cigarettes was so hard the first few weeks. It’s gotten miles easier now, but the first bit was awful, even though I really wanted to quit for so long. I am hoping staying clean works out for me, because I can already tell I am much more productive and excited about things than I was before. Also I am smarter and have more energy and just feel pretty good.

Doing exercise to get endorphin highs and to help myself detox from mj is working pretty good. I really like it. I used to hate exercise. And I didn’t want to be a fat hating fatty trying to get all skinny. But now I think I have better reasons to work out than changing my body. Although I would like to get into some weight lifting just to build up some muscle mass, like those cute muscles just below the shoulder on my arms.

Life is good. My super 8 film “Sight” is screening at the 8 fest in Toronto this Friday at 11pm. I hope the screening goes well. It’s kind of a heavy little film, 3 min 23 sec. It might actually be 3 seconds longer than the film, I tried to time it right but I am not sure. I’m going to telecine it again when it comes back to me and slap some credits and the audio onto it and release it as a video. I feel pretty happy with how it turned out.

Now I am going out to tape some Northern Lights. I’ve been trying to get this footage for ages and because of the big Solar Storm, there are supposed to be AMAZING lights! I’ve been checking the Aurora Forecast, but I think I just have to go out and look around. HDV footage of the Aurora Borealis. I’m not sure what I will do with it yet, but it goes with some HD footage of fireworks that I shot a couple summers ago. I want to experiment.

Okay, well, that’s all I have to report. Life’s good. I have no dates, but I have my dog and cat and my health. And that’s good enough for me!

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