Right Right Right! Tight Tight Tight!

I have finally passed the six week mark of not smoking pot!!! I can pee in a cup and pass a drug test! 😀 I have no reason to pass a drug test, BUT I could! I went to my concurrent disorders group today and had a good session. That was good because I missed last week.

I have had another session with my driving instructor and learned FOOL PROOF parallel parking! I am really good at it! I used to SUCK at parallel parking but now I have learned! 😀 YAYYYYYY! A new skill! And that is what used to get me during my road tests! Mom and I practiced driving for an hour tonight all around downtown and at various places they take you on the road test. My turns are still too wide. Several times my mom was yelling “Right right right! Tight tight tight!” I’ve gone and parked in various parking lots, and I am excellent on the freeway (although I follow the speed limits which isn’t fast enough for most!).

My road test is on Monday at 3:45!!! Eeeeeeeeee! People have told me not to feel bad if I don’t pass it the first time, but my instructor and I feel like I can pass it, I just need to practice lots. Today when I was driving us home Mom went through the rules of borrowing the car. Put gas in it, pay all tickets, that kind of thing. When I get my license I am going to give up getting a bus pass and only get bus tickets. For those nights I am drunk and need to catch the bus home! I’m never going to drive if I feel like I am going to drink, and if I do ever fall off the weed wagon (god forbid!) I am not going to drive either. Only sober driving! I’m excited, some of my friends have already asked me to drive them around and we will get ice cream when I get my license. I want to go on a road trip this summer, although I will have to go with only my Mom and one other non-immediate family member the first six months. So maybe I will drive with one other person to a music festival in Winnipeg or something! I am losing my nervousness when I am driving, which is really nice. I feel a lot more confident, which is good for my upcoming road test.

If I do fail it I can keep practicing and try again in two weeks. Not the end of the world. BUT I really want to pass it, because I tried at least three times when I was a teenager before giving up. I am going to try every two weeks until I get it!

Even though that will suck up a lot of money. Well, to be honest it’s only 22 bucks or something like that for a road test. Not a lot of money. I can drink that in a night! I can cut back on drinks while I attempt to achieve freedom and being a grown up.

I used to feel so deficient not being able to drive. I used to have dreams about driving, where I knew I was doing something illegal because I wasn’t licensed and just drove off with my Mom’s car. Sometimes I would be driving from the passenger seat or the backseat, not IN the driver’s seat and so wildly out of control. I always felt guilty about my driving dreams because I knew I wasn’t supposed to drive.

BUT if I can get my license that will all change. Maybe I will even be sitting in the driver’s seat in my dreams, maybe I will feel in control and free!

I’m already getting confident driving. And I understand the dimensions of the car from the perspective of the driver’s seat now. I’m still not PERFECT in my lane alignments, but I am getting better. I realize I can be further left in a lane and still not crash into oncoming traffic.

I’m excited. My life will totally change when I get my license. I will be eligible for all kinds of jobs that require a driver’s license. I will be able to do errands on my own instead of roping my mom into driving me across town to fix my camera or whatever. I’ll be able to go take a drive and run errands for my grandparents. I’ll be able to take on half the driving when we go on road trips. It’s exciting!

When my Mom leaves town I can drop her off at the airport and do my driving and pick her up when she comes back from her trip, no more taxis or parking fees. Last time she parked we had to look all over the long term lot because she forgot where she parked! If Grandma needs something Mom can send me out to get it!

That all being said, I still love being a passenger. It’s nice to googly eye all over the place and not have to worry. But driving is fun, and I am sure the more confident I get the more I will want to drive. Mom is really liking being a passenger, although she fussed tonight when we were driving.

Anyway, UM! What else? Well, I have been stable since late 2007. That is a good thing to say. I haven’t been in the hospital since 2007 and that is pretty good. Five years this may! 😀 I haven’t been in a group home since August of that year either. SWEET! Being in a group home sucked, mostly because there wasn’t enough room for all my stuff, including my computer, which I am super attached to. I had to go to my Mom’s to use the internet, and I don’t think that’s very fair. I think everyone should have internet access. So yeah, hope I don’t have to go to a group home again.

Next week I see my psych nurse, a few days after my road test. I am hoping I will have super good news to give to her. I passed my six weeks, that was one thing I wanted to talk to her about. I had originally planned just on doing the six weeks clean, but now I want to go further. I feel like so much has gotten better. I want to see how much better it will get. I realize there are still gains to be made in being clean from weed, 3 months is better, and 6 months is even better than 3 months. And someone told me even a year later is loads better than just six months. So I am going to see.

I still feel kinda lonely. I still want a girlfriend. And I still only have one crush, which is rather hopeless even though I will see her again this summer. I don’t think I could get rid of all my crushes, it’s kinda sweet to have someone who’s pictures you like to creep on facebook and sigh at how cute she is. She is cute. I’d totally be down for something serious if only it wasn’t so hopeless. Who knows though, maybe someday circumstances will change for us and it will be a possibility.

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